MFF kicks off the 6th annual FREE Summer Series with Little Shop of Horrors. Fri. May 29th, Presby Memorial Iris Gardens.
Colbert Thanks Mavis For Being
Stephen Colbert warmly welcomed Mavis Staples into their conversation by simply thanking her “for being.”
Fuller, Green and Yo La Tengo
Thursday night’s headline for MFF was a film event that fit its subject; it was larger than life and totally outside of the box.
Colbert and Gere, Illuminating Convo
Cinema, the philosophy of life, and a truth universally acknowledged that every mother loves Richard Gere.
Wilson and DeHaan Chat it Up
Actors Patrick Wilson and Dane DeHaan regaled an enthusiastic audience during an enlightening MFF Conversation.
Opening Night Highlight Video
Check out these fab video highlights from MFF 2015 Opening Night!
An Opening Night to Remember
Montclair Film Festival 2015 opens with the poignant and hilarious film Hello, My Name is Doris and a rockin' party.
Demme: A Master Filmmaker
He's directed 22 films and produced 21, excluding his work in documentaries, an area of filmmaking that has great appeal to him.
Me & Earl & the Dying Girl, A Winner
From the film’s onset, this hilarious, heartfelt film jumps between live action, fantasy and claymation sequences at a rapid pace.
Deep Web: Deep Into the Darknet
The documentary Deep Web by Alex Winter takes a dive into the occasionally murky waters within the “darknet.”
Father & Motherland: DuRant’s Edén
In many ways, death, remembrance, and the exploration and evolution of grief form the backbone of Edén.
The World of Audio Books
Audible and MFF's informative conversation on audio books, Meant to Be Spoken.
An American Odyssey
This film is a tribute to two giants of their respective arts, Mark Twain and Hal Holbrook.
Unexpected, MFF 2015 Closing Film
In this film, the student delivers a lesson to the teacher.
Danny Says
What do the Doors, the Velvet Underground, the Stooges, Alice Cooper, and the Ramones have in common? One man: Danny Fields.
The Armor of Light: Faith and Guns
This enlightening and thought provoking film encourages peaceful discussion about faith and gun rights in America.
Thought Crimes: Thought Provoking
A look into the investigation of "the cannibal cop" and the role of cyberspace laws.