Rob Reiner is interviewed by Stephen Colbert about his storied career, beginning with his fame as an actor in the landmark television series ALL IN THE FAMILY.
Richard Curtis, screenwriter and director, is interviewed by Stephen Colbert about his distinguished career.
Oscar-winning filmmaker Jonathan Demme is a triple-threat: director, writer and producer. Among the highlights of his wide-ranging film career are “The Silence of the Lambs", "Philadelphia" and The Talking Heads concert film "Stop Making Sense".
Legendary gospel and blues singer Mavis Staples was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1999 as a part of her family’s group, The Staple Singers. Director Jessica Edward’s documentary on Ms. Staples’ life, “Mavis!”, celebrates her wide-ranging career.
Producer John Battsek talks about documentary filmmaking with David Nugent of the Hamptons International Film Festival. Battsek reflects on the contemporary documentary field and his role as a producer. He also speaks about creating his first films and one of his most recent pieces, "Listen to Me Marlon".
Documentarian Barbara Kopple reflects on her career from “Harlan County, USA” to her current film, “Hot Type: 150 Years of the Nation” with moderator Thom Powers, MFF’s founding Artistic Director. They discuss her inspiration, process and experiences from her career, including winning an Academy Award in 1976.
Actor Richard Gere sits down with Stephen Colbert to discuss his film, “Time Out of Mind”. In the course of the conversation, Gere speaks about the making of the film and its subject, homelessness. They also talk about Gere’s Buddhist beliefs, his youth and past performances.
Writer and Director Lacey Schwartz discusses her autobiographical documentary “Little White Lie,” about her experience growing up believing she was white. Following a screening, she spoke with festival director Tom Hall about making the film, family secrets and her own dual identity.
Cinematographer Michael Slovis (Breaking Bad, Law & Order…) joins the fans, and AMC Television’s Joel Stillerman to discuss where some of the best entertainment is emerging from. He gives the audience an in-depth look at cinematography and the complexities and challenges involved in this pivotal entertainment arena. Mr. Slovis brings some of his favorite scenes to show the crowd, and lets the audience in on some of his secrets.
Two of television’s brightest young stars return to their hometown, Montclair, NJ to discuss with their fans their views on the entertainment industry, and how Montclair contributes so much to it. The two reflect on life in Montclair, and how it has changed (and also how it has not). Kristen and Ben offer advice to the fans on survival in the harsh industry that is entertainment.
Stephen Colbert and Julie Taymor discuss her start in the entertainment industry as a young actor in Boston, Mass. Ms. Taymor reveals some interesting aspects about her attitudes toward acting.
The multitalented Kevin Smith joins Joel Stillerman, and the Montclair Film Festival ‘In Conversation’ to discuss the state offilm today, how Kevin got his start, and some aspects of the film industry that the audience might not have been aware of. As a ‘Son of New Jersey’, Kevin Smith opens up and connects with the crowd as only a ‘Jersey Boy’ can.