Barbara Kopple in Conversation with Thom Powers

Documentarian Barbara Kopple reflects on her career from “Harlan County, USA” to her current film, “Hot Type: 150 Years of the Nation” with moderator Thom Powers, MFF’s founding Artistic Director. They discuss her inspiration, process and experiences from her career, including winning an Academy Award in 1976.

Filmmaker Barbara Kopple describes her recent documentary, “Hot Type: 150 Years Years of the Nation”.
Director Barbara Kopple discusses the making of “Harlan County, USA,” her award-winning documentary about a coal-miners’ strike.
Oscar-winner Barbara Kopple describes the coal-miner’s wives coming to the screening of “Harlan County, USA” at the New York Film Festival in 1976.
Documentarian Barbara Kopple describes attending the Academy Awards in 1976 – and how she felt when she won the Oscar.
Thom Powers asks Barbara Kopple about filming Woody Allen and his wife, Soon-Yi, for her documentary “Wild Man Blues”.
Barbara Kopple answers a question from the audience about her editing process. She describes some the issues with her current project on singer Sharon Jones.
Producer – Brian Brodeur • Director of Photography – Jason Schuler • Editor – Michael Fredericks
Camera Operators – Jason Schuler, Darrin Levine, Byron Inggs • Production Assistants – Peter Bobinski, Steve Sutton