John Battsek in Conversation with David Nugent

Producer John Battsek talks about documentary filmmaking with David Nugent of the Hamptons International Film Festival. Battsek reflects on the contemporary documentary field and his role as a producer. He also speaks about creating his first films and one of his most recent pieces, “Listen to Me Marlon”.

Replying to a question about his success as a producer, John Battsek talks about his love of storytelling, his ability to think on his feet, and the importance of having his ego in the right place.
John Battsek describes the changes he’s seen in the field since his documentary debut, “One Day in September” in 1999.
Producer John Battsek describes the genesis of his first documentary, “One Day in September,” about the Munich Olympics massacre.
John Battsek explains how he and director Steven Riley used hundreds of hours of Marlon Brando’s audio recordings to craft their documentary “Listen to Me Marlon.”
Producer John Battsek explains why running time is the single biggest point of contention he has with film directors.
Producer – Brian Brodeur • Director of Photography – Jason Schuler • Editor – Michael Fredericks
Camera Operators – Jason Schuler, Darrin Levine, Byron Inggs • Production Assistants – Peter Bobinski, Steve Sutton