Kevin Smith in Conversation with Joel Stillerman

Actor, Director, Screenwriter, Podcast Icon, and TV Star (and seemingly everything else under the sun) Kevin Smith joined AMC’s very own Joel Stillerman for a very frank and ‘eye-opening’ discussion with the crowd at The Montclair Film Festival. Kevin (being a ‘Son of New Jersey’) very openly discussed his beginnings with ‘Clerks’ and his connection with Montclair, his philosophy on how people are to be treated in this industry and in life, as well as his secret to success.

Kevin Smith joined Joel Stillerman for a conversation about how he got his start with his first film ‘Clerks’, and his connection to Montclair, NJ. Kevin and Joel discuss how to get past doubts and hardship in the entertainment industry.
Kevin Smith and Joel Stillerman talked about the how difficult the process is to have even quality films like ‘Clerks’ to reach the point of discovery. Kevin discussed how you should never underestimate yourself and other people.
In taking some questions from the audience, Kevin Smith and Joel Stillerman discuss the necessity for appreciation of what the film audience and fans do for the entertainment industry. Keeping with the theme of ‘Clerks’, Kevin discusses the importance of persistence and longevity.