In Conversation with Kristen Connolly and Ben Rosenfield

Two of television’s brightest young stars return to their hometown, Montclair, NJ to discuss with their fans their views on the entertainment industry, and how Montclair contributes so much to it. The two reflect on life in Montclair, and how it has changed (and also how it has not). Kristen and Ben offer advice to the fans on survival in the harsh industry that is entertainment.

Luke Parker Bowles had an open discussion with Kristin Connolly and Ben Rosenfield about what it is like to grow up in Montclair, NJ and the recognition of that such a variety of entertainment outlets are available to the locale.
Kristen Connolly and Ben Rosenfield gave the audience a glimpse of what the process is like for landing professional television roles, and how this shows in the quality of television like Boardwalk Empire and House of Cards.
The differences between Film and Television emerge as Kristen Connolly and Ben Rosenfield explore their careers in this open conversation with Luke Parker Bowles. Kristen and Ben comment on ‘looking back’.
Kristen Connolly and Ben Rosenfield take questions from the audience; discussing preferences in work locations, types of work, and their approach to each. Both Kristen and Ben give some useful tips to aspiring actors.