In Conversation with Lacey Schwartz

Writer and Director Lacey Schwartz discusses her autobiographical documentary “Little White Lie,”  about her experience growing up believing she was white.  Following a screening, she spoke with festival director Tom Hall about making the film, family secrets and her own dual identity.

New Montclair resident and documentary director Lacey Schwartz discusses coming out of the “racial closet” and her struggle to integrate her two identities: black and Jewish.
Director Lacey Schwartz explains that her film has a larger goal: to inspire and encourage conversations among viewers about some of the issues raised in her film, from family secrets to racial and religious identity.
Following the screening of her documentary and a discussion with MFF’s Tom Hall, Lacey Schwartz answers a question from the audience. What’s the state of her dual identities now, after having made this film? Are they still in conflict?