Richard Gere in Conversation with Stephen Colbert

Actor Richard Gere sits down with Stephen Colbert to discuss his film, “Time Out of Mind”. In the course of the conversation, Gere speaks about the making of the film and its subject, homelessness. They also talk about Gere’s Buddhist beliefs, his youth and past performances.

Actor Richard Gere says the theme of “Time Out of Mind” theme is broader than homelessness – it speaks to our “primitive yearning” for place. Gere also discusses filming “undercover” in New York City – and some of the reactions his character provoked.
Richard Gere reflects on his suburban childhood and his early struggles to make a living as an actor.
Stephen Colbert and Richard Gere discuss being two of People Magazine’s “sexiest men”…and our celebrity-adoring society’s unwillingness to face the dispossessed.
Stephen Colbert inquires about Richard Gere’s transition from Christianity to Buddhism. Gere relates Buddhism to science and they discuss the science of mind: “Is this the Matrix?”
An audience member asks Richard Gere whether he would appear in another musical; he discusses past experiences in musicals, including his award winning performance in “Chicago”.
Producer – Brian Brodeur • Director of Photography – Jason Schuler • Editor – Michael Fredericks
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