The Montclair Film Festival (MFF), a non-profit organization, exists to nurture and showcase the talents of filmmakers from around the world. The Festival will create a cultural focal point in the Township of Montclair that unites, empowers, educates and celebrates our region’s diverse community and robust artistic heritage.

Goals and objectives

  • Establish, fund and curate a fun and well-organized annual film festival
  • Provide a platform for filmmakers from New Jersey, US and the world
  • Become a positive force in Montclair that helps fill cultural voids that are the result of recent budget cuts
  • Nurture Montclair’s historical commitment to the arts by building a national and global stage that showcases the Township’s unparalleled and vibrant artistic community
  • Host a series of affordable film-related events throughout the year that brings together and inspire families, students and community and business leaders
  • Develop year round educational outreach, to inspire learning and expand the knowledge of cinema and the appreciation of the film making process
  • Advocate for and support local Montclair businesses and create needed development and sponsorship opportunities for the community
  • Utilize technology, social networking and various forums of media, to ensure a multi-platform experience
  • Mobilize and empower organizations and institutions to ensure all who are interested have an opportunity to participate in MFF activities

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