An American Promise, Yet Unfulfilled
The film explores unconscious prejudice and the struggles of raising a child of color in a supposedly “post-racial” America.
Black Photographers, Black History
Ten years in the making, Through A Lens Darkly was clearly worth the wait.
What Kevin Smith is Thinking, Really
This Jersey boy is happy to tell you just about anything and everything.
Op-Docs: Shorts that Cover it All
A premier on-line series of short documentaries presented by The New York Times.
The Front Man: Meaning of Success
This is one of those films that make those on the seemingly endless quest to reach their goal question their beliefs and values.
Ivory Tower: Learning at What Price
Student loan debt has now surpassed credit card debt in the US, yet hordes of students continue to take on loans.
Whitey: Unbelievably True
This doc film is a roller coaster ride which, if not entirely true would be hard to believe.
Unorthodox: Against the Grain
This film brilliantly captures the journey of Wexler’s 3 teen subjects and Wexler’s own adult struggle with her Orthodox upbringing.
Next Year Jerusalem: Courage for Life
This film emphasizes life, and the choice to seize opportunities at any age.
Nelson George: His Body of Work
For George, it’s important to be more than a one-hit wonder.
E-Team: Activists for Humanity
The crisis arm of the Human Rights Watch charged with investigating the most severe war crimes around the world.
MFF Filmmakers Party: Place to Be
Montclair met Hollywood as the filmmakers who help make the MFF what it is came out to party and socialize