Filmmaker Party Video!
Check out our video highlights from MFF's fab Filmmaker Party!
What Cinema is to Chuck Workman
What is Cinema is Chuck Workman’s visual ode to the films and filmmakers he loves.
President of the Bronx
Luis Ortiz is the stunningly accurate Obama impersonator and subject of Ryan Murdock’s amazing first doc, Bronx Obama
An American Promise, Yet Unfulfilled
The film explores unconscious prejudice and the struggles of raising a child of color in a supposedly “post-racial” America.
Black Photographers, Black History
Ten years in the making, Through A Lens Darkly was clearly worth the wait.
Op-Docs: Shorts that Cover it All
A premier on-line series of short documentaries presented by The New York Times.
The Front Man: Meaning of Success
This is one of those films that make those on the seemingly endless quest to reach their goal question their beliefs and values.
Ivory Tower: Learning at What Price
Student loan debt has now surpassed credit card debt in the US, yet hordes of students continue to take on loans.
Whitey: Unbelievably True
This doc film is a roller coaster ride which, if not entirely true would be hard to believe.
Unorthodox: Against the Grain
This film brilliantly captures the journey of Wexler’s 3 teen subjects and Wexler’s own adult struggle with her Orthodox upbringing.
Next Year Jerusalem: Courage for Life
This film emphasizes life, and the choice to seize opportunities at any age.
Nelson George: His Body of Work
For George, it’s important to be more than a one-hit wonder.