Montclair Filmmakers Discuss Craft
Montclair filmmakers discussed their films, filmmaking, and the benefits of working at their craft in the Montclair area.
Black Voices in Film Sheds Light
Black Voices in Film, part of MFF's In Conversation series sheds light on the current state of black filmmaking.
Sex & Broadcasting: Freeform Radio
The film focuses on the dedication of Ken Freedman, who has spent 25 years keeping New Jersey-based WFMU on air and afloat.
Most Likely to Succeed a Success
The main question this doc is asking is “What are our children learning, and why are they learning it?”
Alter on Media & His TV Series
Alter discusses his distinguished career and producing the Amazon series, Alpha House.
MFF’s Happening House Party
MFF's annual tradition of connecting filmmakers and film watchers out of the theatre and into a fabulous party atmosphere!
Nina Simone’s Life and Legend
Using a collage of found footage, pictures, and sound recordings What Happened Miss Simone is not your traditional autobiography.
The Nation: An Icon of Old Media
Barbara Kopple chronicles The Nation's pursuit of telling news stories from the frontline, unfiltered by financial sponsorship.
Let’s Get Very Semi-Serious
Laughter became a repeated experience for the audience watching this film about New Yorker cartoonists, directed by Leah Wolchok.
Some Kind of Spark Motivates
This doc focuses on five gifted inner city kids who attend The Julliard School of Music’s Advancement Program
Western: Poetic and Intimate
Documentary filmmaking brothers Bill and Turner Ross ventured deep into Texas on a quest to chronicle the true west today.
Nelson on The Black Panthers
Stanley Nelson blends archival footage, interviews, and a period soundtrack to trace the history of the Black Panthers.