Exposed: Freedom to be Yourself
All of these performers are open about their imperfections to help other people with struggles of their own.
House Party Video!
Check out Montclair Film Festival's 2014 House Party video featuring highlights from the fab event!
Colbert and Taymor: Hakuna Matata
Julie Taymor is an artist of the old school, a person who sees the human inspiration behind all disciplines,
Wilson and Borle: An Easy Rapport
Borle and Wilson are stars on the rise who’ve watched each other grow as actors since the age of 17.
Shooting in just 9 days, with three of them at an actual festival, the filmmakers overcame some challenges to make the film.
The Internet’s Own Boy
Aaron Swartz certainly had a great impact on the digital world that we live in today and through his death, his impact continues.
A Bird, A Grouch, The Man
I Am Big Bird follows Spinney’s transformation from a wide-eyed young man to an international superstar.
Sandy Unites a Shore Community
Landfall: The Eyes of Sandy, chronicles the hours before and months after Sandy hits the community of LBI.
A Time for Burning: Transports You
This film transports you to an hour in to 1965 as a witness to race relations in small town America.
Dinosaur 13: Fighting for Sue
A phenomenal and thought-provoking documentary that proves the reckless power big government can exercise.
Supermensch: What a Guy
A wonderful film about Shep Gordon, who through a fortuitous series of events, became one of the top agents in the business.
Masters of Horror & Suspense
A glimpse into the most famous scenes in horror movie history and why they're so scary, yet fascinating.