PRINCESS SHAW + House Party!
Documentary Centerpiece + MFF16's hottest dance party = a NOLA night to remember!
JOE’S VIOLIN: The Power of Music
An insightful view from the filmmakers on this touching documentary short.
MFF16: LGBTQ Themes
A diverse listing of LGBTQ themed screenings.
SLASH: Modern Teen Angst
Fun details about the making of a film that explores teen angst in modern times.
MFF16: African-American Interest
Unforgettable documentary features and shorts, and poignant dramas.
TRANSPECOS: Border Patrol Noir
Read our insightful and inspiring interview with Director and Screenwriter Greg Kwedar.
FREE IN DEED: Blind Faith
MFF was excited to interview the director of this engrossing and emotional drama.
MFF16: Conversations
Another variety of informative, entertaining and engaging events as part of our signature "Conversations" series.
MFF16: More Special Guests
Join Gilbert Gottfried, Newark Mayor Ras Baraka, Thom Powers & guests at #MFF16!
MFF16: New Jersey on Screen
Celebrate New Jersey with our whopping list of films tied to the garden state in one way or another.
MFF16: Music on Screen
Music has a starring role in this exciting and varied selection of screenings.
MFF16: Timely Topic
Not to be missed films that grapple the timely topic of gun control.