NJ Shorts 1, Diverse and Funny
MFF's NJ Shorts 1 is an eclectic collection of five short films celebrating the diversity and humor of NJ voices.
In My Father’s House: Ties that Bind
Forgiveness and redemption can be won are just a handful of the themes explored in this incisive documentary.
Kidz Shortz, Completely Original
The impressive collection of shorts created by kids was followed by a celebration at The Afterparty on The Green!
Girls’ Show, Agony and Ecstasy
The documentary exhibits both the camaraderie and the intense rivalry that Girls’ Show incites.
Bobcat the Happy Auteur
Bobcat took the stage with Michael Ian Black for Black’s Audible podcast series, How to Be Amazing.
Tears of God, Existentially Creepy
MFF's only horror film in our 2015 line-up depicts a story of despair, death, and subsequent madness.
Wilson and DeHaan Chat it Up
Actors Patrick Wilson and Dane DeHaan regaled an enthusiastic audience during an enlightening MFF Conversation.
Christmas, Again in May
The authenticity of this debut film comes from Writer/Director Charles Poekel, a New Jersey native.
Time Out of Mind’s Realism
A powerful and emotional character study about one man’s desperate struggle with homelessness in New York City.
Interview about the Festival on CBS2
CBS2's Andrea Grymes interviews MFF Director Tom Hall and 10-year-old filmmaker Talia Cohen-Vigder.
Preview of the Festival on Fox News
Evelyn Colbert and Tom Hall preview the Montclair Film Festival
Inside the Film Edén
MFF interviews Writer/Director Elise DuRant for an insider's view of her feature debut film, Edén.