No Cameras Allowed: Life Captured
The film captures moments of youth, passion, and ultimately life.
Advanced Style: In Living Color
Montclair warmly received two of the women featured in the film, giving them a standing ovation.
Dangerous Acts…Challenging Times
The Belarus Free Theatre conveys in a brutally honest visual spectacle the oppressive nature of their leaders.
On the Road Again with Jordan Brady
In I Am Road Comic, Jordan Brady hit the road with his multi-talented sidekick Wayne Federman.
A Place to Belong: A Place to Become
This doc chronicles the lives of eight members of the Montclair YWCA for African American women and girls from 1920-1965.
Finding Fela: Music is the Weapon
In this biopic, the finery and flaws of the iconic Afrobeat composer, multi-instrumentalist and activist are unfolded.
Tricked: The Horror of Sex Trade
Through the voices of the victims, the pimps, the johns, and the cops, this doc weaves a horrifying story of exploitation and violence.
A Life Outside: A Love for the Surf
This beautiful doc chronicles the years a group of boyhood friends spend dedicating their lives to surfing the Jersey shore.
Kidz Shortz: Young Filmmakers Shine
A delightful showing of short films by young artists.
MFF 2014 Opening Night Video!
Check out this absolutely fab recap of Montclair Film Festival's Opening Night Screening and Gala.
No, No: A Dockumentary: A Journey
The life of baseball great Dock Ellis runs from youthful recklessness to an older, wiser man who learned from his mistakes.
I Am Eleven: A Time of Innocence
At a hard period in her life, the filmmaker wanted to make an upbeat film about an age that was her own personal favorite.