Sandy Unites a Shore Community
Landfall: The Eyes of Sandy, chronicles the hours before and months after Sandy hits the community of LBI.
A Time for Burning: Transports You
This film transports you to an hour in to 1965 as a witness to race relations in small town America.
Dinosaur 13: Fighting for Sue
A phenomenal and thought-provoking documentary that proves the reckless power big government can exercise.
Supermensch: What a Guy
A wonderful film about Shep Gordon, who through a fortuitous series of events, became one of the top agents in the business.
Masters of Horror & Suspense
A glimpse into the most famous scenes in horror movie history and why they're so scary, yet fascinating.
Intramural: Finds Humor in Sports
Fans of late night comedy will love this film, fans of football and sports will love this film, fans of comedy will love this film.
NJ Shorts: The Unexpected
Rendering a succinct anecdote is the main attraction of the short form and in particular short films.
No Cameras Allowed: Life Captured
The film captures moments of youth, passion, and ultimately life.
Advanced Style: In Living Color
Montclair warmly received two of the women featured in the film, giving them a standing ovation.
Dangerous Acts…Challenging Times
The Belarus Free Theatre conveys in a brutally honest visual spectacle the oppressive nature of their leaders.
On the Road Again with Jordan Brady
In I Am Road Comic, Jordan Brady hit the road with his multi-talented sidekick Wayne Federman.
A Place to Belong: A Place to Become
This doc chronicles the lives of eight members of the Montclair YWCA for African American women and girls from 1920-1965.