First Ever MFF Awards!
As MFF continues to grow, this year’s festivities included a slate of awards for the first time in the festival’s history.
In Conversation with Abigail Disney
Disney painted an intimate portrait of her evolution as a volunteer, philanthropist, activist and eventual documentarian.
Danny Says
What do the Doors, the Velvet Underground, the Stooges, Alice Cooper, and the Ramones have in common? One man: Danny Fields.
The Armor of Light: Faith and Guns
This enlightening and thought provoking film encourages peaceful discussion about faith and gun rights in America.
Thought Crimes: Thought Provoking
A look into the investigation of "the cannibal cop" and the role of cyberspace laws.
Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck
While it doesn’t offer answers, this film gives us a fascinating look at a troubled genius whose music caught the spirit of a generation.
NJ Shorts 2, Dark and Edgy
Less is more was the lesson learned by viewers at New Jersey Shorts 2 presented at MFF 2015.
Fuller, Green and Yo La Tengo
Thursday night’s headline for MFF was a film event that fit its subject; it was larger than life and totally outside of the box.
A Montclair Community Conversation
Moderated by Steve Adubato, attitudes about hunger and homelessness were discussed and how the community can help.
Colbert and Gere, Illuminating Convo
Cinema, the philosophy of life, and a truth universally acknowledged that every mother loves Richard Gere.
Montclair Filmmakers Discuss Craft
Montclair filmmakers discussed their films, filmmaking, and the benefits of working at their craft in the Montclair area.
Black Voices in Film Sheds Light
Black Voices in Film, part of MFF's In Conversation series sheds light on the current state of black filmmaking.