Second Mother/Que Horas Ela Voltar?
This film explores the tense dynamic between wealthy employers and the help they hire to manage their lives.
The Truth Behind the Lies
An excellent sojourn into the human mind, (Dis)Honesty - The Truth Behind Lies illustrates that we all lie to some degree.
MFF Presents Narrative Shorts
These short films maintained a good balance of humorous and light, with dark and edgy.
Battsek, Humble and Determined
Award winning documentary producer John Battsek joined MFF for an intimate discussion about his career in the film industry.
7 Chinese Brothers: Dukakis Delights
The screening was a coming home of sorts for Dukakis, who lived in Montclair for many years.
Call Me Lucky: Full of Heart & Soul
Poignant and bittersweet, Call Me Lucky will make you laugh and move you to cry.
Touching Insight into Autism
How to Dance in Ohio draws the audience into the lives of high-spectrum autistic teens, their families and the challenges they face.
NJ Shorts 1, Diverse and Funny
MFF's NJ Shorts 1 is an eclectic collection of five short films celebrating the diversity and humor of NJ voices.
In My Father’s House: Ties that Bind
Forgiveness and redemption can be won are just a handful of the themes explored in this incisive documentary.
Kidz Shortz, Completely Original
The impressive collection of shorts created by kids was followed by a celebration at The Afterparty on The Green!
Girls’ Show, Agony and Ecstasy
The documentary exhibits both the camaraderie and the intense rivalry that Girls’ Show incites.
Bobcat the Happy Auteur
Bobcat took the stage with Michael Ian Black for Black’s Audible podcast series, How to Be Amazing.